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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are circle lens safe?!!
A.Circle Lens are perfectly safe. The material used to make the lens are FDA approved and manufacture with the advanced sandwiched method.

Q. Does GEO lens come wit degrees/prescription?
A. Yes, you can order them prescribed or no degrees (plano).

Q. If both my eyes are different degrees, do I need to order two pairs?

A Nope, yu can order one pair with two different powers.

Q. Can I order only one side?

A. Yup.

Q. Is glasses prescription the same as contacts prescription?

A. No, they are not the same. Glasses and Contacts have different specifications since they have a different distance between the eye. Before wearing contacts, it is best to be evaluated and fitted by an optomtrist, and taught how to wear and handle your contacts.

Q. How many hours can you wear Geo lenses?
A. The reccomended time you can normally wear contacts is no more than 8 hours. o:

Q. How long can the contacts be used?
A. GEO’s contact lenses can be worn up to a year from opening, depending on how you handle your contacts.

Q. Do you do pick-up delivery?
A. We do pick-up delivery in NYC (8th ave, Chinatown) and Rhode Island. Contact me for more information (: .

Q. How long will it take to recieve my contacts?
A. Our orders are done in batches of 100’s When we reach our quota and recieve all payment, GEO will ship me the contacts within 1-2 weeks. When I recieve the package, I will do my best to ship them to you as soon as possible. So… The faster I reach my quota and get everyone’s payment, the less you’ll have to wait to get your contact lens (: .

Q. Are goods refundable or exchangeable?
A. If the lens sent to you is not the correct pair, We will give send you the correct pair of lenses. If your lens are damaged, we will gladly give you a discount on your next pair. However, we can not give you a new pair. Goods are NOT refundable.

Please refer to our "Return Policy".

Q. How do I know if the GEO lenses I purchased are authentic or not?
A. Today, there are many online shops selling imitation contact lens. Thanks to GEO’s new anti-fake code’s, it is easier to spot imitation lenses. Each vial has a sticker with a 20 digit code on it. If you go on the anti-fake code site, you can check if your GEO lens are real or not We can also provide the EMS code for our stock imported from Korea to check the exact location of the manufactors.

Q. Is HappyLens responsible for any lost or damaged goods during delivery?
A. Items are in new and in perfect condition when packing in bubble-wrap and shipped out as soon as possible. HappyLens is not liable for any lost or damaged packing/items.

Q. My lenses feels weird… Whats wrong? [Dryness, Redness?]
A. You can try using rewettting drops to lubricate your eyes and lenses. I would like to reccomend Opti-Free’s rewetting drops. If this problem continues, stop wearing the lens and consult a doctor.

Q. How do I clean my lens?
A. Like normal contact lenses, use saline solutions available in most pharmacies. Soak lenses in solution for 10 seconds plus and rub gently (depending if it is non-rub or not). I would like to reccomend Opti-Free’s Multi-Purpose Solution.

Q. Is there other ways to contact you other than online?
A. You can contact me through phone. Please remember that this is my personal phone. Call for business purposes only, and not for your own personal problems etc. SankQ.

Q. How do batches work?
- Circle Lens are ordered by scheduled batches. Each batch contains around 100 pairs of contacts.
- Using the order form found on top (Shop Info>>Order Form), Customers will place order(s) on the pair(s) of contacts and lens that you want.
- We will then email you to confirm your order and restate your total ( in. shipping).
- Payment for products must be received in a week to two weeks time. If not, your order will be pushed to the next batch till further notice.
- You must wait for us to fill up our batch's quota. Once orders and payments have been confirmed and received, We will place our order with GEO.
- After our batch's quota, the batch will be closed and a new one will open in a few days~weeks time. Process is then repeated!
- After, packages are sent from Korea to us. We must wait for the packages to go through to the US customs and etc. Manufacturing and Processing orders will take a while, so please be patient.
- I will keep track of delivery status and give you updates through email.

Thank you for your cooperation (: !